Snow Crab


Snow Crab (Chionoecetes opilio)
Also known as Opilio

Snow Crab are known for their sweet, delicate, snow white meat. Snow crabs have a hard rounded shell, four pairs of walking legs, and one pair of claws. On top they are brownish in color and underneath they are lighter. Their eyes are green or greenish blue. Males and females can be distinguished by the shape of their abdominal flaps; on males this flap is triangular, whereas on females it is broadly rounded.
Commercial fishermen use crab pots to harvest snow crab. They bait the pots with chopped herring, mackerel, or squid and lower the pots over silt and mud bottoms. After a couple days, fishermen haul the pots back on board, empty them, and sort the catch.

They are available in Frozen Clusters.