Albacore Tuna


Thunnus alalunga

ALSO KNOWN AS Albacore, Germon, Longfinned tuna

Albacore has a mild, rich taste and a firm, steaky texture with large, moist flakes. It has more omega-3 than other tunas and is a heart-healthy protein choice with low fat and cholesterol. Albacore has the lightest-coloured meat – it can range from light beige to near-brown when raw, and off-white when cooked. When canned, it’s the only tuna meat permitted to be labelled “white meat.”

Pacific albacore tuna are metallic, dark blue on the back, silver along the sides of the belly, and white on their tail fin. Their exceptionally long pectoral fins are at least half the length of their body. A torpedo-shaped body, smooth skin, and streamlined fins are unique biological characteristics that enable each albacore to swim at speeds over 80 kilometres per hour. As such, these tuna are highly migratory species – they swim throughout large areas of the ocean and are harvested by many countries with different types of fishing gear. In the Pacific, albacore are roughly divided at the Equator into North and South Pacific stocks. North American West Coast-based commercial albacore fisheries primarily target the North Pacific stock, mainly using troll, pole-and-line, and longline gear. Once caught, fish are bled, cooled, and then frozen at sea to maintain optimum quality and freshness. The tuna is kept at -18°C or colder from boat to the customer.

Coldfish only buys jig caught (hook and line) albacore tuna, which goes through vigorous inspection at time of purchase and manufacturing. Product is loined in both North America and overseas, where it is stored in -60°C freezers to ensure long-term quality. All tuna product is vacuum-packed to prevent dehydration. After processing, both the backs and bellies are packed evenly into a 20 pound box for purchasing.

Albacore tuna is available frozen year round. Fresh albacore is available late spring to late fall.

Albacore Packing

20 lbs boxMedium loins0.8 to 1.5 lbs
20 lbs boxLarge loins1.5 lbs up


20 lb boxTataki
Totes+15 lb tuna toted
Totes-15 lb tuna toted

Quarter Cuts

30 lbs Box or toted