Ophiodon elongates

ALSO KNOWN AS Cultus cod, Blue cod, Bluefish

Lingcod is neither a ling nor a cod – it’s a member of the Pacific greenling family, native only to north Pacific waters off the west coast of North America. Early settlers likely gave this fish its name due to its similarity to European ling and its cod-like white, flaky flesh. Lingcod meat is mild-flavoured , tender (yet firm), and has large flakes. When raw, the meat has a blue-green tint that fades to snow-white when cooked. Lingcod is a good source of low-fat protein and is high in vitamin B12 and selenium.

These fish have large heads and mouths, and 18 large, sharp teeth. Their bodies tend to narrow toward the tail. Lingcod are dark gray, brown, or a greenish colour with some copper-coloured mottling or spotting along the upper back. This colouration camouflages the fish in its rocky, seafloor habitat. Lingcods are found from Kodiak Island in the Gulf of Alaska down to Baja California, but they’re most abundant near British Columbia and Washington. Male lingcods typically do not stray far from their birthplace, but females migrate seasonally to spawn.

Lingcod is harvested along with other groundfish species in the West Coast groundfish trawl fishery. They’re also harvested in bottom longline and salmon troll fisheries. Because this fish is extremely aggressive and puts up on an impressive fight (and provide a tasty meal), lingcod is also a highly valued sport fish.

Coldfish’s lingcod is available fresh or frozen, head on/head off, and as fillets, steaks, and portions. Custom cuttings to your specifications are also available.